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Project Spotlight

Site: Tarleton State University


This project consisted of adding wall graphics throughout the Tarleton State University campus. This created a branded theme and fun atmosphere to otherwise plain walls.


Site: Mineralware


This project consisted of turning dull interior office windows into a creative brand that adds to the aesthetics of the office while creating a level of privacy for the individual rooms.


Site: The Star (Dallas Cowboys Training Facility)

This project consisted of transforming a blank window with a clear perforated film design that allows for privacy with some visibility all while providing a stylish fun design.

Dallas Cowboys Training Facility.jpg

Site: Renaissance Tower Fitness Center

This project consisted of transforming a blank window with a clear printed film design that captures the essence of the Renaissance Tower Fitness Center.  Within the fitness center we also added a printed wall film with words of encouragement.  Amersol brought life to the fitness center that will be there for years to come.

Renaissance Tower Fitness.jpg

Site: Coppell Library

Window films are functional enough to shield precious interiors from UV rays, but Amersol goes one step further in providing window art for projects. To develop the concept further, you can see how high quality window films may be customized to include whimsical characters to attract the eye of children and help them learn in a happy, nurturing environment.

Coppell Library.jpg

Site: City of Plano

Whether it is a personalized look with our window decals or window art, or if you want to reduce those harmful UV rays coming in with window films that can reduce them by up to 99.9%, we have the solution for you. We recently teamed up with the city of Plano, Texas to upgrade several city areas.

City of Plano.jpg

Site: MWA Advisors

Amersol's development and installation of custom frosted glass products have created an incomparable "wow" factor for many businesses looking to capitalize on their glass and window space. Our recent job for MWA highlights our fine attention to detail on frosting, window films and window decals that set us apart from other glass developers.

MWA Advisors.jpg

Site: GiveX

Amersol has been working in and around DFW since 1974. Our quality installations and focus on professional customer service have made us the go-to choice for families and businesses looking to upgrade the windows in their homes and commercial spaces. One company we are proud to have worked with is Dallas-based GiveX.


Site: Transamerica

Amersol's custom window film products help many businesses save energy costs while giving their offices a unique, eye-catching design that helps identify their brand at the same time. Our designs that mimic frosted glass at a fraction of the cost are a cost-effective way to add beauty to your business. A job that Amersol is particularly proud of is one that we recently created for Transamerica.


Site: Dallas Parkway Hilton

Preserving light without glare produces cool, comfortable interiors. With VISTA Sunrise on the hotel windows, the glare is reduced by 67% and the solar heat by 61%.

Dallas Parkway Hilton.jpg

Site: Ericsson Headquarters

Llumar Frosted white film transmits only 69% of visible light to give internal privacy and a most pleasing exterior façade. Over 20,000 square feet of the film have been installed on the glass of stairwells, access areas, conference rooms, common spaces and individual office cubicles.

Ericsson Headquarters.png

Site: The Adam's Mark Hotel

This privacy is achieved through the judicious installation of Llumar Frosted NRM PS2 window film on the interior glass areas to give the glass a harmonious sandblasted appearance. The film was chosen by the original glass installer for its aesthetic value to meet Ericsson goals regarding personnel privacy, safety and aesthetics.

The Adam's Mark Hotel.jpg

Site: Faith Lutheran Church

Custom full color print on 3M Fasara Clear Window Film(this is a new film). Installed on the lobby area of the church for a sunset look. Printed on the Mimaki UV printer.

Faith Lutheran Church.jpg
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