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Residential Glare Control & Protection

Increase Privacy

Reduce Heat & Glare

Living in Texas means spending most of the summer trying to avoid the hot, intense glare of the sun, especially when trying to relax in your cool, air-conditioned home. Resorting to oppressive window treatments like shutters or heavy drapes not only darkens your home too much  but also prevents you from seeing outside.

However, opening drapes or shutters just enough to allow some sunlight to brighten your home also makes your air conditioner work harder to cool rooms heated by sun's UV energy. Then you also have the problem of those same UV rays damaging carpets, expensive rugs and furniture by making them fade and appear old and worn before their time.

Providing North Texas residents with affordable, superior window glare control, Amersol has been installing residential window films in Dallas Fort Worth for over 35 years. Customers love the many advantages of glare reduction window film over ineffective and inefficient window treatments and really enjoy receiving lower energy bills over the long, hot Texas summers. Benefits of residential window glare reduction in Dallas Fort Worth include:

Nearly 80 percent of the sun's heat is rejected by window film, allowing for more efficient cooling of any size home

Amersol's window films eliminate 98 percent of the sun's UV rays by filtering out intense photons responsible for damaging home accessories, wood paneling and wallpaper.

Privacy enhancement. Homeowners can see through window glare reduction films but outsiders can't see inside the home.

Improve  the safety and security of your home with high-quality window film by reinforcing glass integrity. Texas is famous for its powerful wind events and thunderstorms and covering window panes with Amersol's glare control films dramatically reduces the potential for serious injury from broken glass by securing glass fragments together during extreme weather conditions.

Treat your home and your family to residential window films in Dallas Fort Worth today by calling Amersol.  214.503.9977

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