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Windows add elegance, distinction, and beauty to your home. And the natural light in your home's interior can't be beaten! However, the more exterior glass and windows you have, the chances of getting damaged or broken increases.

While you can't control random events like inclement weather, accidents, or getting targeted for a break-in, applying a security window film provides strength and stability. If impacted, security window film helps prevent the glass from shattering into hundreds of pieces and falling to the ground.

Home Invasion And Burglary Prevention

Lower level windows can all theoretically get targeted to gain access to the interior of your home. Window film is effective when used alone or in addition to the use of traditional security systems.

When applied, windows protected with 3M Safety & Security Window Films make it harder to break and gain access to your home. The added time needed to penetrate through windows give first responders more time to get to your location.

Commercial Applications

As a commercial property or real estate owner, you have a vested interest in protecting your property. In an era when "smash and grab" type crimes are on the rise, the allure of unprotected glass storefront can make you a target for this type of crime.

Commercial protective window film installation provides an extra layer of protection, should someone attempt to break the glass and make entry into your building.

Privacy film is an option for anyone who wishes to obscure the view of people looking inside, without impairing the ability for insiders to look outdoors.

Natural Disasters And Accidents

Accidents and natural disasters are two situations that can put your windows to the test. Anything from an errant golf ball to broken tree limbs, to seismic activity, can damage windows beyond repair, and put you and your family at risk of injury.

Window film installation of a micro layered, tear-resistant film holds glass fragments securely in place, reducing the risk of personal injury and further property damages.


Window Film Installation By Amersol

Property owners in the Dallas, Texas area can rely on the professionals at Amersol to expertly install protective window films that increase safety and security at your home.

Our technicians are pleased to answer any questions you have about our products, services, and how we can help you better protect everything dear to you.

In some cases, property owners enjoy incentives, insurance, or tax breaks for installing window film, so there could be added benefits of this straightforward window upgrade.

We offer a wide variety of high-quality window film products to help you meet your needs. Reach out to discuss your concerns and discover how we can help you achieve your needs today.

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