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Amersol Window Tinting Plano TX

Window Tint in Plano, TX

Residential & Commercial

Window Film Installation

The windows in your home or business help to add a sense of elegance, light, and distinction; however, these glass panes can also be a huge source of heat gain and loss during the summer and winter months.

Plano Window Tinting

While you may be considering new windows or special treatments to reduce this issue, there is another option: residential or commercial window film for your Plano, TX home or business. Besides the obvious benefit of sun control film, it also offers a number of other benefits:

Professional window film installation ensures the finished product looks terrific and provides the comfort and delivers all the advantages that commercial-grade window tinting offers.

While the features of window film can vary based on the type and quality of the film you choose, here are some of the most notable benefits:

Glare Reduction - While there's nothing quite as beautiful as a bright sunrise or an awe-inspiring sunset, the glare that results can sometimes be overpowering. Protective window film effectively reduces glare so you can work, play, or relax more comfortably inside your environment.

Less Solar Heat Transfer - As the sun beats down on the exterior of your home or business place, this causes a solar heat transfer that raises the temperatures inside your environment. Once a protective solar film gets applied, this material absorbs or reflects this heat instead of transferring it to the interior of your space.

Increased Privacy - Professional window tinting is effective at increasing privacy. When the appropriate window tinting film gets applied to exterior windows, it prevents passerby from quickly seeing inside your home, offices, or business place. In commercial applications, window film can add higher privacy levels to offices or interior rooms that feature windows.

Higher Security Levels - While today's commercial glass is damage resistant, applying a protective window film layer supplies an extra layer of security by making it more shatterproof. As you can imagine, this is advantageous for commercial businesses with a public storefront, as it helps prevent the glass from shattering into a thousand shards if it gets broken or cracked.

Tax Benefits - Besides adding beauty and distinction to your home or commercial building, applying this protective film may offer energy tax credits and benefits for residential and commercial property owners throughout the great State of Texas.

No matter whether you have a new construction project or you're weighing options for renovations or upgrades to your existing residence, window film offers a multifunctional solution that helps you save money and add value to your property. Amersol specializes in providing excellent products and services to residential and commercial clients throughout Texas.

Contact us for more information on our full range of installation, maintenance, removal, and replacement services.

Significant Energy Savings Window Tint

One of the biggest benefits offered by tinting your windows is to help and lower your energy costs. The tint that is applied will minimize the amount of heat loss in the winter and the heat gain in the summer, helping you to save money on electricity and fuel. It will also work to reduce the loss of your air conditioning in the hotter months.

According to data from, residential windows contribute to as much as 30% of energy loss. Even homeowners with the best residential windows installed in their homes can benefit from installing a tinted window film designed to keep indoor treated air inside and the untreated air outside. As you can imagine, this helps you every season of the year, whether it's hot or cold.

Furniture & Decor Protection

While you love using natural light in your home or office, you likely hate the number it can do on your furniture, art, and carpeting. With extended exposure, your otherwise beautiful and luxurious belongings can become faded and dull. When you invest in commercial or residential window tint in Plano, TX, your home or business will reduce damage to your belongings, while still letting in natural light.

If you are ready to reap the benefits offered by residential or commercial window film, then call today to find out more. We have a large selection of colors, thicknesses, and other options to make you comfortable.

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