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Home Window Tinting Dallas TX

Residential Window Tinting in Dallas, TX

Shield Your Home From Heat, UV Rays, and Window Glares.

The first way we improve light is by removing virtually all its destructive ultraviolet rays, the rays most responsible for causing fading and sun damage. Our Dallas window tinting service does just that with the 30+ years of experience we have accumulated protecting our customers from harmful uv rays. 

Our Window films even allow you to control the amount of heat and glare that comes into your home through the windows. When it comes to tinted windows with professional installation, no one does it better than Amersol. 

"The Best Insulation You'll Never See"

Fading Control

Your windows allow a lot of sun and light in, but the sun causes damage with fading of your belongings and furniture and creates hotspots through your home.

Sun control film blocks out 99% of damaging ultraviolet rays that could contribute to fading of costly fabrics, furniture, wood floors, and priceless rugs. Reducing heat helps to lower your utility bills.

North Texas’ Premier Residential & Commercial Window Film Specialists for 37 years. We protect our homes and contents with alarms systems, insurance and even surveillance cameras, but most unsuspecting homeowners are stalked daily by a silent, sneaky thief – the sun!

As welcomed light streams are into our homes, the UV (ultraviolet) rays damage virtually everything we cherish and work hard to preserve, including family heirlooms, artwork, rugs, hardwood floors, furniture and more. Plus, the solar heat buildup robs our bank accounts, as we pay more for cooling and extra wear and tear on our air conditioning systems. Our window tint company values customer satisfaction with the quality window tinting we offer and the paint protection and protection in general it provides. 

Home Window Tinting In Dallas, TX

Instead of resorting to heavy curtains and closed shutters, that not only block our views but darken our homes interior, defeating the purpose of windows in the first place, Amersol, Inc., offers the perfect solution: state-of-the-art 3M Window Films. Home and business owners have turned to Amersol for professional service, exceptional customer care and quality installations since 1974. Known for their value and professionalism, Amersol offers an impressive selection of window films and is recommended and used by interior designers, architects and builders.

“Window film technology has changed tremendously over the years, giving homeowners more options than ever before,” said Amersol owner Rick Dietel. “Spectrally selective films are both beautiful and functional. They have been safely installed on century-old windows in historic homes, as well as the most contemporary glass found in homes today.

With Amersol, you get it all in on company with an established name, whose client list reads as a ‘Who’s Who’ of the DFW Metroplex. Homeowners including Ray and Sue P., who solicited bids from a number of competing companies before choosing Amersol rave about their experience and the end result.

“Amersol’s pricing was extremely competitive and the sales staff took the time to educate us on the world of window film as to the benefits and drawbacks of the large number of competing products and what materials would best serve or particular needs, ensuring value for the dollar. What really impressed us was the professional manner in which the installation staff accomplished their tasks. We are delighted to say that we have not found any problems or mistakes. The quality of the work is excellent and the film really works as promised.”

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