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Residential Sun Control & Safety

Keep The Sun Shining

But Harmful UV Rays Out

Leaving untreated windows uncovered to let full sunlight into your rooms is just asking for trouble. Prolonged exposure to direct sunlight over time will cause colors to fade on your walls, floors, and even furniture. Sunlight can even cause wood to fade in color. Eventually, you’ll have a dull, drab, sun-damaged room where no one wants to spend time.

Yet, you don’t want to keep your curtains closed all the time, either. A continually dark room is depressing. We are naturally uplifted in our moods when we have sunlight. So what is the solution? Residential window films provide the answer.

These films cling closely to your window glass so they are hardly noticeable. However, they filter out approximately 99.9 percent of the color-fading UV rays from direct sunlight. With residential window films on your windows, you won’t have to be concerned with your room’s colors fading, and you will still have access to plenty of sunshine to keep you bright and cheerful.

There are also some extra benefits to using our films on your windows.

They can be used as crime prevention, because they hold your window glass together if it is struck by an object that would otherwise break it. In dangerous weather, you won’t have to worry about pieces of broken glass flying around your home, since the films will help your windows hold up even under the roughest of weather conditions. Give your home the color protection and glass safety features it needs.

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