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Different Types of Residential Window Films

Updated: Feb 27, 2023

When considering a home renovation or improvement project, choosing an upgrade that helps save on your energy bills and maintains a more comfortable home is a sensible investment. An upgrade project that tackles these two key issues head-on is a protective window film.

But before you dive right in, it's worth learning about all the options that are available to you. Here are the five most popular types worth considering. Some of these window tinting types may provide crossover benefits, but each is distinctly different in their own right.

Window Film For Heat Control - If your home has lots of windows that get direct sunlight, it can be challenging to maintain comfortable indoor temperatures. Heat control window tinting can block as much as 78 percent of solar heat transmitted by untreated, regular glass windows. Heat Control Window film makes it much easier to control your indoor environment by blocking out solar heat, even on the hottest Texas days.

Insulated Window Film - You might be surprised to learn that up to thirty percent of your indoor treated air escapes through windows during the cold winter months. Homes with single-pane glass windows are particularly susceptible to heat escaping. Adding an insulated window film helps to trap air inside and prevents drafts from making their way indoors. This home upgrade can cut as much as 25% of your monthly energy bill all seasons of the year.

Window Film For Security - In today's uncertain times, personal security is of critical importance. Applying a window film for security helps reinforce potentially vulnerable entrance points. Security film offers a higher protection level against intruders, burglary, natural disasters, and other threats by holding the glass in place.

Should the treated glass get impacted by standard break-in tools or flying debris from a storm, it absorbs the blow and keeps the piece of glass in one piece, instead of shattering into shards and giving way to unauthorized entry.

Window Film For Glare Blocking - As much as we might love the sunshine, the bright rays can cause distractions when working and relaxing. Applying a glare blocking window tint makes it easier to focus on screens of all sizes without excessive eye strain. It prevents glare, allowing you to leave your blinds and curtains open all hours of the day.

UV Reduction Window Film - Ultraviolet rays are the enemy of anything exposed to them. Window tinting allows the natural sunlight you love to flow into your home without causing fading and other UV damages to your furniture and home interior.

If you live in the Dallas, Texas area and would like to learn more about how protective window film can make your home more enjoyable, call the professionals at Amersol today.

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