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Reducing Your Home's Energy Consumption

Ideally, you want to keep your home as comfortable as possible all year long. But if you love natural light and sunshine in the summertime, allowing all that natural light not only raises the temperature in your house, it makes your air conditioning unit work a lot harder to maintain a cooler indoor temperature. Additionally, heat and direct sunlight can fade the flooring and furniture.

One way that homeowners can have their natural sunlight and enjoy it, too, is by installing window film to reduce glare and UV ray damage inside the home. During the cold winter season, these protective films create a barrier that keeps heated indoor air from escaping outside. During all seasons, it helps to deflect UV rays from penetrating the interior of your home.

Not All Film For Windows Are Created Alike

A protective film is an affordable and logical home improvement or upgrades project. When shopping for the film that is the best solution for your home, not all window films are created alike.

When you need a window film that strikes the perfect balance of quality and value, the 3M Ceramic Series film is worth considering. This durable film gives heat reduction and low reflectivity benefits. Homeowners who choose a ceramic series enjoy premium levels of clarity in vision. Since this film doesn't contain metal, it won't darken windows or cause interferences with wireless signals or electronic devices. This film is cost-effective and helps to reduce energy bills significantly.

A popular choice for many homeowners is the Neutral 35 Classic Series. These films provide outstanding performance - an abrasion-resistant coating helps it maintain an attractive appearance. A sun control film, it transmits higher levels of light with low reflectivity, reducing 99% of damaging UV light. It helps reduce energy costs by eliminating solar heat gain, discomfort, glares, and energy costs for your air conditioning.

Talk To A Window Film Installation Expert

If you love the windows in your home, but you also want to protect your belongings and keep your energy costs as less expensive as possible, you are smart to speak with a protective film installer about your needs today.

He or she can offer guidance and suggestions on which type of durable protective film is the best solution for the windows at your residence. For nest results, professional installation services help to ensure that the application of the film gets adequately completed so that it works to provide insulation and protection from the sun for many years to come. Warranties help to protect your investment, and special care and maintenance help to preserve the film without scratching and cuts.

Residential and commercial clients around the Dallas, Texas area should call the professionals at Amersol to discuss their protective film installation needs.

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