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Window Film Can Reduce Fading from the Sun

Updated: Oct 17, 2019

Regardless of where you live, your home is always directly affected by the sun's rays. And for many homeowners, having an abundance of natural sunlight is both a blessing and a curse.

While the sun helps brighten your living space, prolonged exposure can result in fading damage in your home interior. The following causes contribute to fading damage:

UV Rays

Ultraviolet light is the most significant factor in fading. UV rays emit electromagnetic radiation. The wavelength is longer than X-rays but shorter than visible light. This intense short-length light wave is capable of bending around corners and reflecting off of objects.

When UV rays come into contact with items in the interior of your home, the powerful rays have a chemical reaction that breaks down pigment, leaving things faded.

UV rays are always present in natural light, regardless of the time of day, the weather, or the season.

Direct Sunlight

In addition to UV rays, direct sunlight plays a significant role in fading. Any valuables with exposure to the direct sun are at risk of substantial fading damage, especially when done for extended periods.


Heat is another factor that contributes to fading and interior damages. When the sun shines through windows, the rays intensify, putting more stress on floor coverings, window frames, and any items in the direct way of the sun or other heat sources.

The Quality Of The Materials In Your Home

The overall quality of the materials plays a part in product longevity. Generally, any material is prone to fading after extended exposure to UV and sun rays. However, some items will fade and bleach faster than others. Some articles, such as fade-resistant laminate flooring and flooring, offer a higher level of protection when compared to their non-fade-resistant alternatives.

Window Film Offers Protection

It makes sense to want to protect your home and your valuables from preventable sun damages. Sun glare protection stops UV rays from penetrating through the windows, so fading is less likely to occur.

Affordable and non-damaging to existing window systems, window film is an ideal way to protect your home from all seasons of the year. Tinted and colored films add style and sophistication to homes and commercial buildings of all sizes.

Dallas, Texas Window Film Installation Experts

Amersol carries a diverse line of protective and decorative films for residential and commercial applications. With up to 99% UV Protection, homeowners and property owners can gain control over the temperatures and their environment. Window film installation helps block visible light that further contributes to fading.

Have a project in mind? Contact us today. Rely on our experts to deliver exceptional results.

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