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Commercial & Residential
Window Tint in Dallas Fort Worth for Sun Control or Decorative Use

Improve energy efficiency with UV window tint or add life to an otherwise dull office building with decorative window films.

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Window Tinting Dallas, TX


Amersol has been acquired by Solar Art. The acquisition now adds the resources and culture of Solar Art to the same amazing Amersol team. We are excited to serve all our valued clients with the highest skill and customer service available in the industry. For more information, please visit Solar Art TX, Solar Art Dallas, Texas, or Solar Art Harris County (Commercial and Home Window Tinting Houston, TX).

When you seek to improve the appearance, energy efficiency, and comfort of your residence or commercial building, our home and commercial window tinting services in Dallas, Texas, offer a flexible and affordable solution.


Amersol specializes in protective window film installation and maintenance services for residential and commercial clients throughout the Greater Dallas metropolitan area. We carry a broad range of window films that provide sun control, heat control, decorative appeal, and safety and security for your home or business. Our residential and commercial window tinting are great options for you and are offered at a quality that surpasses most window film contractors.

Improve Your Work Environment

Excessive glare from the sun can make it more challenging for employees to work effectively. Commercial-grade tinted window film minimizes glare inside your workspace. As a result, you help create a more accommodating environment for workers to complete their tasks and duties. Additionally, window tint can block up to 99% of the UV rays that can cause fading to artwork, floors, and furniture.

Have Questions? Ask Our Window Film Installation Experts

Tinted window film offers property owners a myriad of beneficial advantages. From reducing energy costs to minimizing solar heat and protecting the interior of your home or office from UV damage, tinted window film is a wise investment.

In many cases, tinted window film pays for itself in cost savings within a couple of years.

Contact Us To Discuss Your Project

Would you like to learn more about our products and services? Contact us today! Our installation and maintenance experts are happy to answer any questions about tinted window films and how they improve your living or work environment. Trust us for the best window film solutions and residential window tinting in Dallas. We've helped customers since 1974 and would love the opportunity to assist you, too.

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"You get it all in one company with an established name!"



Since 1974, we’ve been helping residential and commercial properties get the best protection from harmful ultraviolet (UV) rays. With popular brands like 3M, Eastman, and Solyx Films on our product roster, we offer an impressive selection of quality window films in Dallas, TX. We also provide a superior installation that helps the window film to last for years.

Cost-Effective UV Protection

Radiation from the sun is divided into three components: light that we can see, and infrared and UV rays that we can only feel. As the sun strikes glass, our UV blocking window film acts as a shield that blocks harmful UV rays, as well as regulates the amount of heat that passes through the glass. In turn, the interior of your office or home will have a more comfortable temperature, even without increasing the cooling or air conditioning capacity in the room. By simply having a window film on your glass doors and windows, you can be protected from the sun and reduce your energy costs at the same time. Our home window tinting, and commercial window tinting will save you a lot of trouble in the long run. 

A Range of Window Films

Our residential and commercial window tinting in Dallas, TX is available for a variety of purposes. We have selections for glare control, daytime privacy, sun control, and more. But no matter what you choose, all our window films have the heat reduction and UV protection you need. Moreover, we have decorative film products that are a subtle and stylish solution for any privacy glazing application. Our residential window film and commercial window film are the perfect way to add accents to your workspace or home.

Superior Installation

We match our branded window film products with equally superior installation services. Our team understands that the durability of window films not only relies on the quality of the material but on the process of installation, as well. With the right skills and finesse, our team professionally installs the window films on the interior side of the glass. We also add a scratch-resistant coating on top of the film to protect it from abrasion.

Our Window Film Suppliers

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With over four decades of experience in the business, we continue to enjoy a long-standing relationship with our clients, many of whom have put their trust in us over the years and continue to do so, to date. After all, we have the know-how, the products, and the professionalism that customers want.

Other Resources - We can recommend other Dallas and Fort Worth, TX area resources for residential and commercial services that we may not offer. Service companies like local Window and Door Contractors, Roofers, Electricians, Plumbing Companies, Pool Builders, Flooring Companies, Tile, and Grout Cleaning, Parking Lot Striping, etc. If you need anything, just reach out and we can help.

Decorative Window Film Adds Life to a Room

When you're thinking about making upgrades or renovations to your home or office, finding cost-effective and striking enhancements help to complete the project more economically. In recent times, more interior designers, architects, and homeowners have discovered decorative window films to offer a flexible solution for adding privacy, style, and distinction to spaces of all sizes and types.

Protect Your Business With Security Window Film

When your business is closed up during the off hours, you want the best security measures in place to protect your asset. The more common solutions businesses turn to are alarms and video surveillance. While these are great and still recommended, consider adding the element of security window film.

Can You Tint Your Home Windows?

If you're like most people, when you pull up to a limo with tinted windows, you can't help but wonder who is riding inside. Could it be an athlete, a celebrity, or a wedding party? With dark windows, you'll probably never know!

Window Tinting 101

The windows in your residence or office play a significant role in your building's comfort and appearance. For many people who long for a house filled with beautiful natural light, some of the biggest concerns they have are protecting interior items from fading and maintaining a high level of energy-efficiency.

Window Tinting Is Essential and Here Is Why

When the summer comes, the temperatures aren't the only adjustment for homeowners. There is also the matter of increased energy bills when your AC unit is in near-constant use. The hot summer sunlight coming in through the windows in your home is capable of heating your interior quickly. The lower you set your thermostat to counteract the heat, the more energy you use to maintain the optimal indoor temperature.

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