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Window Tinting Is Essential and Here Is Why

When the summer comes, the temperatures aren't the only adjustment for homeowners. There is also the matter of increased energy bills when your AC unit is in near-constant use.

The hot summer sunlight coming in through the windows in your home is capable of heating your interior quickly. The lower you set your thermostat to counteract the heat, the more energy you use to maintain the optimal indoor temperature.

One possible solution for people looking for a smarter solution to help control energy costs all year long is applying window film with window tinting to their home.

Prevent Interior Damage From The Sun

Your house is the most gratifying investment you'll likely make in your lifetime. It's the place that you and your loved ones call "home." Applying window film to the windows and sliding glass doors helps protect everything valuable to you.

Prolonged exposure to damaging UV rays can fade furniture, flooring, and drapes. When you weigh the cost of replacing all these items with new, it's easy to see why so many Texas homeowners choose Amersol to apply a protective film to their residential windows.

Gain Better Control Over Your Environment

You can rely on high-quality window film to give you more control over your environment all year long. While features can vary based on the film, here are some of the ways it helps:

Increased Privacy - Window film helps to increase privacy by obscuring outsider's ability to see inside your home. Homeowners don't sacrifice any lack of visibility when looking outdoors.

Glare Reduction - The strength of the morning, afternoon sun can cause an annoying glare that makes it difficult to see. The protective film reduces glare, making it easier to view screens of all types and sizes, including computer monitors, TV screens, and Smartphones.

Solar Heat Reduction - Anytime the sun beats through your windows, it creates solar heat in your home's interior. Window films usually help to reduce solar heat from building up inside your home.

Reduces Heat Transference - During the colder months of the year, window film is often effective at stopping indoor heated air from transferring to the outdoors.

Save On Your Energy Bill

Almost anyone would have to agree that spending less money to be more comfortable in your home is a win-win situation. Window film pays the cost of installation back in savings in a relatively short time. And, homeowners who invest in them could additionally qualify for tax credits.

If you live in the Dallas, Texas area and want to find out for yourself the difference that window film makes, call the experts at Amersol today. Our experienced window film technicians are happy to answer your questions about our product lines and services.

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