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Can You See Out Of Blackout Window Film?

Blackout Window Film

Imagine this: it's mid-July in Texas, the mid-day sun is blazing down, you have a headache, and nothing sounds better than taking refuge in a cool, dark room. While this might seem impossible, with it being the middle of the day, blackout window film changes everything. 

It blocks out all light, so, unsurprisingly, many people ask, "Can I still see outside if I have blackout film?"

The straightforward answer is no. Blackout window film does as precisely as advertised: it "blacks out" everything - including your view of the outdoors. 

It's like pulling down a permanent shade, providing complete privacy and darkness in the installed rooms. 

What Exactly is Blackout Window Film?

Blackout window film is a thick, opaque material applied directly to window glass. It's perfect for spaces where complete room darkening is needed. Some examples would be the bedrooms of shift workers who need to sleep during the day or media rooms where excessive glare can ruin your movie-watching experience.

Why Choose Blackout Window Film?

Aside from providing total privacy, blackout film is excellent for protecting the interior of your home. Since harmful UV rays don't make their way into your home, your furniture, carpets, and artwork won't fade. Although it doesn't reduce heat like other window film types, its ability to eliminate light penetration makes it unique.

Practical Uses in Homes and Businesses

Blackout film is popular for bedrooms, nurseries, and home theaters in residential settings. Commercially, it is sensible for conference rooms, photo studios, recording studios, and anywhere else where light control is crucial.

Frequently Asked Questions About Blackout Window Film

Q: Will blackout film make my room hotter since it doesn't reduce heat?

A: Blackout film does not have thermal properties, so it doesn't increase or decrease the temperature. Its primary function is to block light.

Q: Is there a difference between blackout film and privacy film?

A: Yes, learn more! Privacy film allows light to enter while obscuring visibility from the outside. Blackout film, however, stops all light from passing through.

Q: Can blackout film be removed easily?

A: Blackout film removes easily without damaging the glass beneath, but it's best to have it done professionally to ensure it's clean and tidy.

Q: Are there other options for privacy and heat reduction?

A: Absolutely! Many window films offer a balance of light control, privacy, and heat reduction features. 

While blackout film might not help with the Texas heat, it ensures that your private spaces remain just that—private. Amersol can professionally install blackout film at home or your workplace, making your environment a calm refuge from the heat and sunshine.

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