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Commercial Heat Reduction

Reduce Energy Bills

With Window Films

Here in sunny Texas, we enjoy an average of 2911 hours of sunshine annually, and our summer high temperatures hover around the mid-90's. While our weather certainly allows us to enjoy outdoor activities throughout the year, all that sun and heat leads to high air conditioning costs for businesses.

The greatest source of heat gain for any building is through the windows, making window coverings and films the logical choice for property managers who are looking to minimize solar heat gain and cut their energy costs.

Unlike shades, blinds or shutters, window films do not obstruct the views; this is an important consideration for businesses, since shuttered windows and blinds can make customers and clients believe the company is closed. Obstructing views through windows can also compromise the safety of a business by making it impossible to look through the windows.

Commercial window film heat reduction allows business owners to reduce their air conditioning use while maintaining an open, inviting environment for their staff and customers. These lightweight, highly effective transparent films are available in a range of tints to match the particular needs of each location.

To learn more about commercial heat protection window films in Dallas Fort Worth, call or email us today. As factory-authorized dealers of quality window film products from 3M, Vista, LLumar, Solyx and EnerLogic, we offer the widest selection of commercial window films in Dallas Fort Worth at the lowest possible prices.  214.503.9977

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