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DI-NOC by 3M


Make your building appealing without inconveniencing your patrons. 3M™ DI-NOC™ Architectural Finishes provide you many cost-effective alternatives to renew outdated finishes and revive your place — with minimal downtime, noise, and dust.


Quick and simple application allows you to refinish existing structures and produce a brand-new appearance almost instantly. Patterns that match natural materials render a high-end look that you would expect with a complete remodel. Transform surfaces including metal, wood, and glass to display a totally new perspective. This easy-to-install material is excellent for casework, doors, columns, walls, and more. 



Straightforward application — 3M™ Comply™ adhesive technology essentially eliminates air bubbles plus retains a strong bond on numerous materials.



Guarantee your building will look fabulous for years to come with a 5 to 10 years warranty, depending upon the application.



Better acquire LEED credits for your facility and reduce your impact on the environment with materials built to renew permanently fitted interior components or furnishings with low emitting materials.


Fire Safety

Keep compliant with materials with an NFPA 101 “Life Safety Code,” Test Method ASTM E84 Class A fire rating for most products.


Easy to Maintain

Simple to clean with detergent and water and endures most hospital-grade cleaners. 3M™ DI-NOC™ Architectural Finishes are extremely easy to repair versus wood or veneer, and patches are practically indistinguishable at an average viewing distance.

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Endless Remodeling Options
And More Affordable

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