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Window Tinting 101

Updated: Feb 27, 2023

The windows in your residence or office play a significant role in your building's comfort and appearance.

For many people that long for a house filled with beautiful natural light, come of the biggest concerns they have are protecting interior items from fading and maintaining a high level of energy-efficiency.

One way to handle both of these concerns is window film installation. Here is some essential information about window films to ensure that you get the maximum value from window tinting.

Solar Window Film - Solar window film is effective at improving energy efficiency. Generally, the solar film is thicker than decorative window films and absorbs or reflects up to 99% of all UV rays from the sun. The high level of sun protection helps regulate indoor temperatures, reduces glare, and prevents interior fading. The solar film comes in a variety of colors, including copper and silver.

Security Window Film - Security window film helps add a layer of privacy and protection against storm damage. Security film is the thickest type of film available. But unlike solar window film, it does not reflect or absorb heat from the sun. However, this film works exceptionally well in preventing windows from shattering and adding privacy to your home or business.

Decorative Window Film - Decorative window film is the thinnest window film, primarily used to add privacy or beauty to a room. This type of window film doesn't reflect or absorb solar heat and is often available in a variety of colors and designs. You can't go wrong with decorative window film if you're searching for an affordable and fun way to reimagine the interior of your home or office space.

If you live in the Dallas, Texas area, and you're unsure which type of film is best, speaking with a window film installation expert at Amersol is helpful.

Instead of investing in the wrong type of window film, or choosing a film that doesn't meet your usage needs, we recommend the best product to suit your requirements.

A Reasonable Investment Brings Back Decent Returns

If you're undecided about whether investing in a protective window film is right for you, it's essential to consider the cost savings this film provides over time.

During hot Texas summers, the heat-absorbing film helps to keep solar heat from penetrating your home, which results in higher cooling and energy costs.

Further, applying this protective film prevents damaging UV rays from causing interior fading to carpeting, furniture, and drapes. Since UV rays are problematic all year long, they offer full-time protection.

Ready To Protect Your Home Or Office?

Amersol is here to help with protective window film solutions that work for you. Call us today to discuss your needs!

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1 Comment

Mar 19, 2022

Amersol isn't available in our city so we all depend upon windshield replacement companies for window tinting.

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