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Block The Sun With Exterior Window Film

Updated: Feb 27, 2023

If you've been reluctant to add window tinting to your home because you thought it had to get applied to the interior of your home, we bring great news!

Window film is an ideal option for homeowners. Homeowners with small children or pets in the home could find that interior window film is prone to scratches, tears, and everyday use damage.

Another disadvantage of interior window film is that UV rays and solar heat must transfer through the glass to hit the film and then reflect or bounce back. In the case of dual pane windows, the sun must pass through every pane of glass twice, leading to heat build-up in the glass panes.

Prestige Exterior Film By 3M Offers A Solution

Whether you want to lower your heating and cooling bills, reduce uncomfortable glare, or protect your home's interior from UV damages, exterior window film by 3M helps you achieve your goals.

When expertly applied by a professional window film installer, the Prestige Exterior Sun Control Film prevents solar heat and UV rays from reaching the interior of your home. Durable and resilient, it stands up against the weather.

The tough exterior window film by 3M is an outstanding choice for the following reasons:

  • Kids, animals, and accidents can't damage or scratch the window tint.

  • Works seamlessly with dual pane windows to stop solar heat build-up between the panes of glass.

  • Tint all, or selected windows, without anyone entering your home.

  • Limited Contact and Contactless estimates and window tinting installation are available.

Protect Your Most Valuable Possessions

The sun's Ultraviolet rays can fade the items and the interior of your home. Fabric, wood, carpeting, and furniture can all lose their luster if left exposed to sunlight for too long.

Glare and hot spots can also affect your quality of life. By choosing a UV blocking window tint or UV blocking window film, you reap the benefits of an extra level of UV protection in your home.

Glare is terrible for your eyes and happens when the light is too bright for you. It's not uncommon for early morning and late afternoon sun to be particularly bothersome for people with sensitive eyes. While glare doesn't change your ability to see clearly, it makes vision uncomfortable.

The Prestige EXTERIOR Series by 3M prevents up to 97% of infrared light for added protection from the sun, increased comfort, and lower monthly energy bills. With several options available, homeowners can choose the window tint that best suits their needs.

When you work with a professional window film installer, like Amersol, the leading residential window film installer in Dallas, Texas, this cost-effective upgrade improves added comfort for you and your family.

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