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Prevent Fading With Professionally Installed Window Film

Updated: Feb 27, 2023

Undoubtedly, your home and the contents it holds represent a culmination of all your hard work in life. If your house has plenty of natural light, window tinting and window film installation are among the surest ways to protect the interior of your home from UV damages and fading.

Window tinting is a flexible solution that filters out the sun's damaging rays without having to close the shades or pull the drapes. When applied to windows throughout your Dallas, Texas area home, it helps protect:

  • Luxury carpeting

  • Wooden flooring

  • Expensive furnishings

  • Custom window treatments

  • Exotic rugs

While everyone is well-served to enjoy natural vitamin D from the sun, it isn't necessarily suitable for items prone to fading from exposure. Window film installation helps to strike a healthy balance in the interior of your home. Window film is a non-invasive way to enjoy the benefits of natural light without the ultraviolet rays.

Take Action To Protect Your Home

You could be surprised to learn that direct UV rays can account for as much as 40% of fading items on the interior of your home.

Additionally, untreated windows contribute to solar heat building in your home during the warmer months and heated air escaping in the cold months. Glare control helps to make your environment healthier by minimizing beams of light that interfere with vision.

While windows with thicker or dual-pane configurations provide extra insulation, they allow all spectrums of the sunlight to flood your rooms without a UV protection film, causing glare and fading. Activities where glare can be distracting include watching television, using a computer, reading, or doing any work that puts you in the direct path of unfiltered light.

Another logical reason to consider upgrading your existing window system with UV-Protective film could offer tax credits or incentives. For details and eligibility requirements, check with your tax professional or window film installation technicians.

Flexible Window Film Solutions For Every Need

Specialized window films can filter up to 90% of UV rays, preserving the beauty and extending the lifespan of items within your home. They minimize the impact of solar heat and reduce harmful glare.

Amersol, the leading window film installation company in the Greater Dallas, Texas, area, provides flexible and customized window film solutions from 3M. Whether you want to protect all your windows or focus on a limited number of windows - such as those facing the East and West - our expert window film installers are available to help.

We strive to provide reliable and affordable window film installation services for both residential and commercial clients. We offer high-quality 3M film products that can help you live a better life. Please contact us today for more advice or to get a free estimate.

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