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Improve Energy Consumption With Window Films

Updated: Feb 27, 2023

Do you remember sitting by a window and feeling the heat or the cold? If so, this is a true testament to how even the best window systems don't stop all solar heat and outdoor air temperatures from impacting your indoor environment.

If you're exploring cost-effective ways to gain greater control over your energy bills, protective window film applied by an experienced window film installer is a multifunctional upgrade to your home or building.

Benefits Of Window Film

Protective window film effectively reduces glare, minimizes solar heat in the summer, and retains heat during the cold winter months.

Other useful applications include increasing privacy and security protocols or adding decorative touches to glass used indoors, such as bathrooms, offices, and staircases.

Protective window film can prevent as much as 40% of heat from leaking in the winter and block up to 70% of solar heat when the temperatures rise.

Amersol, the leading window film installer serving Dallas, Texas, is proud to offer a wide range of window films to meet their clients' needs.

Ceramic Series By 3M - Homeowners who want a balance of quality and savings will find the 3M Ceramic Series a smart investment. This window film provides heat reduction and low-reflectivity for comfort and clarity inside your home.

Since there are no metals used in ceramic window films, it doesn't darken the view, nor does it interfere with wireless signals or electronic devices.

Further, it offers a high degree of infrared heat reduction, which is excellent for reducing energy costs.

Classic Series Window Film By 3M - The 3M Classic Series Neutral 35 offers terrific performance and features an abrasion-resistant coating that helps uphold the film's integrity and appearance.

Neutral 35 reduces up to 99% of damaging ultraviolet rays, so it is ideal for cutting glare and solar heat. Unlike Ceramic Films, this film type can interfere with electronic signals.

Prestige Series Film By 3M - The Prestige Series Film by 3M uses layered polymer for high-performance window protection. It's less reflective and provides high clarity levels, rejecting up to 97% of infrared light due in part to its multilayer design.

Select Series Night Vision Film By 3M - This high-performance film works effectively to protect the interior of your home or offices from fading and significant UV damages, so it is among the energy-efficient window film options available on the market today.

It provides clear views during daylight hours while rejecting up to 71% of solar heat.

Get An Estimate

As a 3M™ window film installer, Amersol is happy to serve clients throughout the greater Dallas area. Whether you want to increase your home or commercial space's comfort, we help you achieve your goals.

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