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Ericsson Headquarters

The office in the North American Headquarters of Ericsson represents the ultimate in employee consideration, as befits the largest mobile system supplier in the world. Ericsson has been active worldwide since 1876 and has employees in 140 countries.

In the corporation’s mission statement the following core values are included: “We have three values that form the belief system for how we treat people and do business. These values are the foundation for the Ericsson culture, which guide us in our daily work: Professionalism, Respect, and Perseverance.” These values are abundantly demonstrated in the magnificent office building of the North American headquarters.

Wide-open spaces and rural park views characterize the four-story office building complex, with each employee, all conference and common areas provided with exceptional privacy.

This privacy is achieved through the judicious installation of Llumar Frosted NRM PS2 window film on the interior glass areas to give the glass a harmonious sandblasted appearance. The film was chosen by the original glass installer for its aesthetic value to meet Ericsson goals regarding personnel privacy, safety and aesthetics.

Llumar Frosted white film transmits only 69% of visible light to give internal privacy and a most pleasing exterior façade. Over 20,000 square feet of the film have been installed on the glass of stairwells, access areas, conference rooms, common spaces and individual office cubicles. Beyond the pleasing aesthetics, the film has an important additional value of helping to provide protection from potential injuries caused by glass breakage. If the glass is broken, the film provides a sheath across the glass to which it is fitted so that most of the fragments will be held in place.

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