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Faith Lutheran Church

Custom full color print on 3M Fasara Clear Window Film(this is a new film). Installed on the lobby area of the church for a sunset look. Printed on the Mimaki UV printer.

The Faith Lutheran Church Mission and Goals

Faith Lutheran Church is a dynamic church committed to serving the world by sharing the great news of Jesus Christ through words and actions.


Faith Changes Everything


To be a disciple-development center where the freedom of Christ is experienced in every generation.


Honor all, but please one – We value all people for who they are as children of the same Heavenly Father. But Jesus Christ alone is our hope! (John 14:6). We love him above else. For this reason, we don't apologize for the gospel or for putting our relationship with him first in our lives (Romans 1:16). We therefore strive to respond fully and faithfully to the call of Jesus to follow him above all else in this world, which so often competes for our time, energy and attention (Luke 14:15-24).

The Faith Lutheran Church Window Film Product

Upon meeting with the Faith Lutheran Church we learned their desires to brighten up the lobby area.  After a consultation meeting our team worked with theirs in order to come up with the sunset look design.

After installing the new window film the difference it made within the lobby was amazing.  It really brightened up the whole room making it very inviting for their guests.

Faith Lutheran 1.jpg
Faith Lutheran 2.jpg
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