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Renaissance Tower Fitness Center

Located in the heart of the Dallas Central Business District you will find the stunning Renaissance Tower.  Built in 1974 but completely renovated as of 1991 the Renaissance Tower has become a staple of Downtown Dallas.

Window Films Transform Ordinary Windows

For this project Amersol was contracted to add life to the Fitness Center windows using a printed clear film.  The design features an image that motivating and representative of the Dallas mentality.

Printed Wall Films Turn Blank Walls In To Art Pieces

The other aspect to this project consisted of adding an encouraging piece to a blank wall within the Renaissance Tower Fitness Center.  Amersol created an amazing wall film that is a collage of words that motivate those in the fitness center during their workouts.

We Come Through

Transform your building or home with custom window and wall films.  Your creativity can be endless and we have the team of professionals that can make it happen.

Contact Amersol for the professional touch in window films and wall art.

Renaissance Tower Fitness.jpg
Renaissance Tower 2.jpg
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