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The Adam's Mark Hotel

Between the 1950’s and 70’s the Southland Center grew into a tri-building hotel and office complex that was purchased in 1977 by Adam’s Mark Hotels. It is today the largest hotel in the United States, with 1,860 rooms.

As the three buildings sprung up they took on a variegated, uneven appearance with in the end displeased the current owners, HBE Corporation of St Louis, Missouri. HBE wanted to unify the look of the buildings and what’s more wanted to control the spiraling head and air-conditioning expenses – not to mention guest complaints.

To accomplish these goals HBE decided to have Vista Ultima (V-14 SR CDF) installed on all windows – some 200,000 square foot of glass – to provide both the look that they were searching for and go a long way toward limiting the loss and gain of heat through the glass window. Vista Ultima V-14 film rejects 78% of the total solar energy and reduces heat buildup and energy costs. It provides a reflective exterior without a mirrored interior.

The hotel now has a unified modern exterior appearance. Additionally the reduction in heat gain and loss through the glass windows has led to a substantial decrease in energy usage. In Dallas, the local utility provider encourages and rewards the conservation on energy.

The total savings in energy costs will in the long run pay for the film installation, probably in about two years. Initially HE had thought they must replace all the glass to reach their goals but in the end Vista Ultima film provided superior energy conservation and aesthetics at a fraction of the cost of glass replacement.

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