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Big D Hilton

The Dallas Parkway Hilton is a 14-floor high rise hotel with beautifully appointed guest rooms, an elegant restaurant, meeting rooms and fitness center located in the heart of North Dallas.

The hotel recently underwent a total renovation, which included the installation of VISTA UVShield Sunrise solar controlled window film on all the windows of the 310 guest rooms and suites. An installation of 30,000 square feet of film was required to complete the project.

VISTA V33 Bronze film was chosen by the Hilton management for its aesthetic appeal and to provide a high degree of solar protection for the sun drenched windows. Preserving light without glare produces cool, comfortable interiors. With VISTA Sunrise on the hotel windows, the glare is reduced by 67% and the solar heat by 61%.

Equally important are the guest comfort and energy savings provided by Sunrise, is the protection given to the new guest room furnishings.

The newly installed film blocks virtually all (99.9%) of the sun’s ultraviolet rays from penetrating the windows. UV rays are primarily responsible for the fading of interior fabric furnishings, carpets, wallpapers, woods and artwork have been associated by the medical community with premature aging of skin as well as some skin cancers, including melanoma.

The hotel guest rooms are now fully protected from the harmful effects of sunlight, excessive heat and glare which speed up the fading of furnishings and that is as it should be, for Hilton Hotels take pride in providing outstanding accommodations and unsurpassed guest service.

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