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The Benefits of Home Window Tinting

Updated: Feb 27, 2023

Do you have a home improvement project in your future? If so, don't overlook the multiple benefits that residential window tinting has to offer you and your family.

This protective window film works behind the scenes to block damaging UV rays which fade the interior of your home, provide a protective barrier that stops solar heat, and helps you save on your utility bills.

Why Choose Window Film?

These days, there are multiple types of protective window film available from which to choose. Whether you want to darken your windows, want to strengthen them against breaking or shattering, or want to stop the rays of the sun from damaging the interior of your home, you're sure to find a window film that fits the bill.

Preserve The Interior Of Your Home - Did you know that ultraviolet rays can contribute to up to 40% of fading in your home interior? Any valuable items you have in front of windows, including drapes, carpeting, and furniture, are susceptible to fading and sun damage.

Reduce Glare - The bright glare from the sun can make it difficult to read, watch television, or work on your computer. Window film effectively reduces this annoying effect of the intense morning and late afternoon sun.

Energy Efficiency - Applying a protective window film helps to make your home more efficient. Firstly, the film blocks UV rays that cause solar heat buildup in your home. That means you pay less to cool your home during the warm summer months. In the colder winter months, it creates a barrier that keeps your warm, heated air indoors.

Increase Privacy - Privacy films are ideal for homeowners who want to keep their business out of the view of prying eyes. Tinted windows help to obscure the ability for others to see inside their home.

Boost Safety And Security - Applying a window film with security contributes to a more substantial window, making them more difficult to break or shatter. Whether you're most worried about break-ins, inclement weather causing problems, or a misdirected golf ball or football breaking your glass, window film helps alleviate these worries.

As you can see, residential window film installation can help you to address many common concerns of the day - all at once!

Enjoy Tax Incentives

If you're like most people, getting tax incentives and breaks whenever possible is a good thing. Window film may qualify for up to $500 in federal tax credits or incentives. Your tax professional can provide further details and advice.

Why wait to gain control of your interior living space? Contact the window tint installation experts at Amersol, serving residential and commercial clients in Dallas, Texas, for a free estimate today!

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