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Window Films: The Facts

Who doesn't like having a home or business full of windows? It allows you to enjoy the outdoor views while being couped up inside. Natural lighting is also a plus to having a lot of windows around. Unfortunately, this can also cause some issues that can easily be controlled with quality window films. Too much sunlight can cause an increase in heat throughout the building. This heat will make your A/C unit have to work harder to keep the area cool. During Texas summers, this can mean your unit in some cases will run all day long. Another disadvantage is sun glare, whether on your TV screen or your computer screen at work glares can be annoying. Below are a few facts about window films and why they can be very beneficial.

Stay Cool

Installing window films doesn't mean you have to lose the great natural lighting you've come to love from your windows. With the right window films, you can prevent heat from radiating throughout the building while still allowing for great lighting. Blocking the heat will enable your A/C unit to run less, thus keeping your home or business cooler throughout the day.

Stop Harmful UV Rays

The sun can cause a lot of damages, areas where UV rays shine through the most can cause floors and furniture to fade over time. There is nothing more frustrating then having to replace flooring or expensive desks simply because the sunlight ruined them.

Save Money

As mentioned above, window films can decrease the energy needed to keep your home or office cool throughout the day. When your A/C unit runs less, the plus side is, you save money! With the right UV blocking window film, you can expect to save 10-12% on your energy bills each month. Over the lifetime of your window films, this can add up to a significant amount of money.

Amersol is a top choice for window film installers in the Dallas and surrounding areas. Since 1974 they've been helping residential and commercial properties with all their window film needs. Choose a company you can trust, choose Amersol!

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