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What is DI-NOC Film by 3M?

Updated: Aug 10, 2023

It's understandable if you don't immediately know the answer. DI-NOC by 3M is a specific architectural finish that helps businesses replace or renew outdated finishes, adding a spark of color to any establishment. This application stands out because it involves only minimal dust, noise, and downtime.

Di-Noc Film by 3M

DI-NOC is a fantastic way to spruce up finishes that have lost their luster. Most will look brand-new upon completion. The offering provides a match to natural materials such as glass, wood, and metal, allowing for a high-end visual aesthetic.

What Uses Does DI-NOC Film Have?

DI-NOC is an easy-to-install material that works fantastic on doors, walls, columns, and casework. It works on glass, metal, and wood, so almost every surface is ideal for treatment.

It's worth considering the multiple benefits of using this application.

It's Very Efficient

For installers, it's a straightforward application. Using 3M™ Comply™ adhesive technology removes all air bubbles while also retaining a strong bond. Even better, it works on many materials.

Save Money And Time

It offers significant cost savings. Installers can put the DI-NOC application on in one day, and it's a very durable treatment that will last for many great years to come.

Radically Improve Surfaces

DI-NOC delivers a striking visual impact. This material offers an attractive reflective quality, which is mesmerizing to watch when light moves across it.

It's not just for looks--the application also improves surfaces by protecting them from damage caused by UV rays and humidity. It also protects against graffiti.

Expect Extra Durability

Backed by a five-year or ten-year warranty, using DI-NOC ensures your building looks fantastic for a long time. That more prolonged use and the extra benefits make looking into this option a must. A durable, sustainable finish that reinvigorates aesthetics is a fast way to enhance the value of any property.

Experience Enhanced Sustainability

This application is ideal for earning LEED credits for your building while reducing an adverse environmental impact. These materials permanently renew furnishings and fitted interior components with new low-emission materials.

DI-NOC Film Helps Improve Fire Safety

The DI-NOC film is a fire retardant, preventing the release of toxic agents to protect people and buildings.

Without this material, high temperatures may cause fires to spread quickly without control.

Applying DI-NOC as an exterior finish on walls and ceilings'll improve safety measures against potential emergencies.

Contact Amersol For More Infomation about DI-NOC Film

DI-NOC film, also called architectural resurfacing film or ARF®, is a revolutionary product that can change the look and feel of any building. The product uses acrylics with advanced technology in a foil that adheres to most surfaces: glass, metal, wood, and other joint surfaces.

Amersol is a Texas-based leader in applying architectural finishes that instantly upgrade properties.

We sell DI-NOC by 3M and can help customers better understand the benefits of this material.

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