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The Science Behind How Window Film Reduces Heat and Glare

Living in the great state of Texas has many amazing benefits: amazing cities, historic landmarks, fabulous food, and some beautiful sunshine. Sunshine comes with many heat and glares in your businesses and home. Adding window film to your home or business, especially exterior window film, will reduce the heat and glare inside.

Understanding how these window films will benefit your homes and businesses will help you make smart decisions on how to upgrade your windows and who to work with to ensure that any installation of window films is done correctly. Because if you're going to have window film installed in the great state of Texas, you should have it done by a local business that can get you window film in Dallas, Texas.

Window Film For Your Home

Having homes with beautifully designed windows to let in natural light is defeated by heavy curtains and blinds that we put up to block out the bright sun's glare and its ever-pressing heat. These curtains and shutters block our views and darken our homes, defeating the purpose of the beautiful windows in the first place.

Having window film installed onto your home's windows will allow you to open those curtains and let the light in a while maintaining UV protection. Letting the sunshine into your home damages your furniture and floors and affects your home's electric bill. By allowing unfiltered, harsh light into your home, your A/C has to keep up with the heat you are allowing in.

By using window film, you are rejecting about 80% of the sun's heat from your home, allowing more efficient cooling of your home no matter the size or the number of windows. Not to mention having window film on your windows provides more privacy so that others cannot see inside your windows.

However, during major storms, the film on the windows secures the glass fragments together on impact, reducing the risk of injury from loose shards.

Window Film For Your Business

When looking into window film for your business, you can install normal window film to protect your business and merchandise. Still, you can install decorative window film that provides marketing and intrigue to your customers. The intense Texas sun coming through your windows can not only damage any merchandise you have on display in your windows, but it can also damage any equipment you have as well.

Computers and registers in the sun for long periods without anything to help filter out the heat or damaging UV rays will need to be replaced before they should. Not only is it bad for products and equipment, but it's also uncomfortable for your employees and any customers in your business.

Trying to work in a hot building where the windows don't have sun control window film preventing harsh glares or rising temperatures will not provide your employees with comfortable working conditions.

Naturally, they might close some curtains or lower blinds. When employees need to lower the blinds or close curtains because there is no glare control window film blocking out the heat or glare, customers could think you're closed. If employees don't cover the windows to prevent this heat or glare, your customers will be uncomfortable in a hot, too-bright business.

Creating this comfortable and productive environment for your business is essential for everyone in the building. If you also decide to install decorative window film, this will provide you with comfort, privacy, and style, with scratch-resistant designs that are easy to maintain.

Different Window Films

As a company, we work with and are trained to install multiple window films to meet our customers' needs. 3M is an old company built off of science. Not only do they create many products, but they have many window films, including scotch window tint. 3M scotch window tint comes in various colors, densities, and heat rejection quantities, making it a great window film for variety.

It also filters out 98% of harmful UV rays, which guarantees to not only provide the protection your building needs but also maintain the aesthetics. Eastman Vista window films is a premium brand of professionally installed window films. Easily applied and one of the most economical methods of controlling the heat and glare in your home, Vista window films reject at least 75% of the incoming sun's heat and block up to 99% of harmful UV rays.

Solyx window films are decorative privacy windows that take the market by storm. Solyx films come in multiple patterns and are easily removed so that they can be updated or changed as styles change. They also allow you to think outside the box because these films can transform any flat glass surface. Whether bathroom windows, glass shower doors, kid's room windows, or the glass between restaurant booths, they provide privacy and imaginative designs for everyone.

Sun Control is the Goal

Everyone knows about protecting their homes and businesses and installing safety measures like security, fire systems, etc. Everyone also knows about the sun's damage to your skin; even the CDC-protection from the sun recommendations has information on sun safety. Why would we not protect our homes and business with an easy fix?

Window films keep the sun shining but harmful UV rays out of your homes and businesses. These window films are designed to offer clarity and clear views out of the windows. Sun control window films offer protection from the sun, the ability to keep the inside temperatures cool and comfortable, and clear outside views which brighten and open any space.

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