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Safety Window Films Used in Schools

While sad, it has become more important to increase safety measures in schools. Whether it's random intruders, school shooters, or off-hour break-ins, safety films can add another layer of security. They make it harder for people to break through and provide extra time for school faculty and students to escape. They also discourage intruders from following through with their break-in.

What are Safety Window Films?

The safety films are films designed by the company 3M. Replacing older windows with newer fortified windows can be expensive. Fortunately, these films from 3M fortify any window once they are installed. The security problem that doors have is that windows can be easily broken through. Even if the door is locked, the intruder can break through the window and open the handle.

This problem can be mitigated with safety window films. Safety window films retain the structural integrity of glass windows. Standard windows would shatter when force is applied. But the window film keeps them together and make it hard for the intruder to bust through. The window even maintains structure when bullets are shot through them.

What are the Benefits of Safety Window Films?

There are many benefits to installing these window films. First, the film strengthens vulnerable entry points. Whether it's glass doors, large glass windows, or doors with small windows, the extra protection makes it harder for intruders to break in.

Second, it buys students and faculty precious time needed to escape. If an armed intruder tries to enter the school, the intruder will have a difficult time getting through the reinforced glass. The extra time can make a significant difference.

Third, slowing down armed intruders means that law enforcement has more time to get to the scene. Unfortunately, there's nothing law enforcement can do to get to the scene faster. But the extra time that's bought from the safety window films can save lives.

Finally, the films are reflective. This means that intruders will only see their reflections when looking at the windows. At the same time, it is transparent from the inside. This makes it harder for intruders to target individual rooms and areas that have more people in them.

Schools need to do what they can to protect their students and faculty. This simple solution can make an immense difference in security and can save many lives. More schools are already opting to install these safety window films instead of replacing their old windows.

If you'd like to do the same, let us help. Amersol is a leader in window film installation for both commercial and residential properties.

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