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Transform the Glass in Your Company's Office Space

If you're planning a renovation of your existing office space or you're managing a new construction project, you have more options than ever before to modernize and stylize the area to meet your needs.

Decorative Interior Window Film Glass partitions have gained popularity in modern office design. Simple and functional, decorative window films help add privacy to individual offices or eye-catching design elements to glass facades within your building. The most flexible and affordable option to handle privacy concerns is a translucent film applied to the entire surface of the glass or the visible line of sight. Both of these options help promote natural lighting but keeps people from being able to see clearly in or outside of the treated area. If you prefer a semi-private effect, simple film patterns that integrate shapes and silhouettes help create innovative appearances. Another useful application of interior film is strengthening branding elements throughout your office design. It serves as a valuable medium for blending custom designs and creative expression to establish a more robust corporate or organizational culture. Full-color film options open the door for lively and cheerful highlights throughout the office. Regardless of which interior film you choose, this material promotes an open atmosphere that's friendly and inviting. Old fashioned partitions block natural light, whereas glass partitions allow natural light to cascade throughout the room. Exterior Protective Film Another way to add more value to your commercial building is by utilizing protective film on the exterior of your structure. By doing so, you eliminate the need to hang drapes or blinds to block out light. Other significant benefits of adding a protective film to the exterior of your building include added UV protection that blocks harmful rays from fading the flooring or other items in the way of the sun. Added glare protection helps to ensure that computer monitors and other screens in the room are easier to read. Instead of getting blinded by the intense rays, the commercial film blocks these rays from obstructing work areas. For office owners or property managers who are concerned with energy-efficiency, the protective film helps to reduce energy bills significantly. During the summer, solar heat gets blocked at the window level, so indoor treated air stays cool and comfortable. When winter arrives, the exterior film helps to keep cold outdoor air from entering the building, or heated indoor air from escaping. As you can imagine, offering this amenity to potential tenants is a strong selling point. This feature provides a turnkey office solution with no additional investments in blinds, drapes, or other types of window treatments needed. If you are in the Dallas, Texas area and you'd like to learn more about the decorative or exterior window film, call the experts at Amersol today.

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