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Is it Worth Your Time to Tint Your House Windows?

Updated: Feb 27, 2023

In one word: Yes.

There are dozens of reasons why window tints should be your next home improvement purchase. We’ve put together some of the reasons that we believe to be most beneficial. You’ll also find a few helpful tips for ensuring the best final product possible.

Save on Energy Costs

Home window tinting can reduce your energy consumption by up to 30 percent. Window tinting can help you avoid installing new windows, which could cost you over 90% more than having a window film properly installed.

Window tints will keep the house cooler in the summer by reducing 78% of the sun's heat. The financial benefits alone make tinting your home window’s worth your time and money.

The savings don’t stop there; window tints protect 99% of UV rays. UV rays are not only damaging to your skin and eyes. They can ruin your furniture, electronics, and fabrics, causing them to fade and wear more quickly.

Improve Insecurity and Enhance Privacy

Improving your Quality of life is one of the most important factors in making home improvements. One of the joys of being a homeowner is making purchases that make you feel more comfortable and safe. Privacy tints will cause the light to bounce back, making it difficult for nosey neighbors and threatening thieves to see into your home.

The Little Things

Window tints in your home will prevent glare from obstructing your view when watching TV or working from home on your computer.

Not to mention, window film helps keep fingerprints and smudges from building up, leaving them crystal clear without constant cleaning.

There are scratch-proof and streak-proof options, ensuring that your view from the kitchen window is always pristine.

Things to Think about

As with any decision, there are always risks to consider before moving forward. Adding tints to your windows can add value to your home, help you save money on energy costs, prevent glare, and much but, it is important to be informed to avoid costly mistakes down the line.

Check the warranty

Adding a tint to your window could make the warranty on the window invalid, landing you in a bind if there were ever damage done to the window after having the tints installed. Check with your window manufacturers before installing your tints to ensure that your warranty will remain in place.

Function over Fashion

Be sure to talk to your contractor about your window's style, shape, and size before choosing your desired window tints. Not all windows tints are suited for all windows. Some windows will need a great deal of extra effort if not fitted with the proper tint.

Do Your Research

A poorly done installation has the potential to ruin your window, leading to more unexpected costs. If the film is installed incorrectly, there may be bunching or gaps that make the benefits of home window tints ineffective, essentially sending your investment right down the drain.

If you’re located in the Dallas Texa area, give us a call at Amersol, we’ll handle all your home window tinting needs.

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