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Custom Amersol Frosted Glass Products have helped many businesses make their offices unique, eye-catching and absolutely stunning. One of the jobs that we are especially proud of is the custom frosted glass that we did for Skopos Financial.

The Skopos Financial Mission and Their Office Goals

Skopos Financial is a business that helps prospective car buyers to get the financing that they need in order to get a vehicle and get back on the road. With these goals in mind, Skopos wanted to create an office environment that showed these car buyers a great and enjoyable experience.

When a person with poor credit is trying to purchase a vehicle, the process is often difficult and takes a great deal of extra time because it is hard to secure financing. Skopos FInancial hopes to change all that with their fast underwriting and financing options as well as a comfortable and accommodating office.

The Skopos Financial Frosted Glass Product

Upon meeting with Skopos Financial about their company and their goals, Amersol worked together with them to create a Frosted Glass product unlike any other. The Skopos Financial logo was carefully etched into the frosted glass by hand along with a futuristic blueprint-like image of a car.

For the Skopos Financial offices in Irving, Texas, we used a custom white print on high-quality 3M dusted Crystal Cut logos for distraction markers. We also cut the names of offices out of the 3M frosted crystal to make the offices look as unique and stylish as possible.

To find out more about this technique and other unique products contact Amersol today.

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